Posted by: 3pomjaeger3 | 19 July 2013

The season starts soon!


With the coming of August, the 2013 Smith Point Hawk Count will be initiated with the usual hopes for a fun-filled and interesting season. Is it possible to better last year’s count? Will the locale continue to attract the lost oddballs (both avian and human) that is the place’s rep? Will there be a single ginormous Broad-winged Hawk flight, or will it be parceled into lots of good days? Was last year’s incredible Bald Eagle count an astounding anomaly, or are the species’ numbers here going to continue to climb? What about Golden Eagle numbers? Will we exceed last year’s spectacular two-day count in late August of Mississippi Kites?

These and other questions highlight what is most interesting for me about the beginning of the season: Not knowing what is to come, but with hopes for much excitement!

So, come join us oddballs (the paid and volunteer counters) to help us seek the answers to these questions and others. Come help us count the great stream of raptors and of other birds (such as the above Anhingas) and, perhaps, be present for a spine-tingling experience of a spectacular daily hawk flight or some mega-rarity. We’re open daily, weather permitting, 1 August to 15 November.

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