Posted by: 3pomjaeger3 | 29 August 2013

27 August: Raptor migration, yea!

ImageTwo of the four Swallow-tailed Kites in this kettle, along with two juvenile Broad-winged Hawks and a Mississippi Kite.  All photos copyright 27 August 2013 by Tony Leukering.

After a long stretch with little to count and a very surprising dearth of kites, today seemed like a wonder, despite that it was, actually, still quite a slow day for late in August.  Swallow-tailed Kites nearly doubled their seasonal tally, adding seven to the previously counted eight for a very-disappointing-so-far total of 15.  In fact, Swallow-tailed nearly took high honors for the day, but a late-afternoon Mississippi Kite was the eighth counted today.

Raptors counted:

  • Swallow-tailed Kite – 7
  • Mississippi Kite – 8
  • Broad-winged Hawk – 4 (juveniles)
  • Swainson’s Hawk – 3 (juveniles)
  • Total – 22

Big-waterbird numbers were slight, but the best in a few days, with 88 Wood Storks and 252 White Ibis topping the list.  Except for a good Blue-gray Gnatcatcher tally and one particularly good bird, the passerine show was notable by its near absence; even swallow numbers were underwhelming.  Two Blue Grosbeaks went by, but there were no Orchard Orioles.

cedw-smithpoin8-27-13-tl-1-cropscreen-lowresThis Cedar Waxwing (here in the most interesting of the four pictures that I got of it) accounts for the first Chambers County record in eBird between May and November; a really good bird and The Bird of the Day!

Blue-gray Gnatcatcher tally:  88

Today’s eBird checklist

ImageThe real surprise of the day, though, was provided by a bird perched high on a tree in town that I saw on my way to to the tower, this Nanday Parakeet!  Undoubtedly, this is an escapee/released bird that has wandered into the ‘hood.



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