Posted by: 3pomjaeger3 | 29 August 2013

28 August: Donde estan los halcones?

Image This jumping spider, a female Gray Wall Jumper (Menemerus bivittatus) was on the center support post of the upper deck of the tower today, and was The Bird of the Day.  See here for more info on the species.  Photograph copyright by Tony Leukering.

Where, indeed, are the hawks?  Today was yet another slow raptor day, but with four species counted, including a subadult White-tailed Hawk that took time off in its busy day to harass a juvenile Red-tailed Hawk circling in the same thermal.  Just 47 White Ibis highlighted the near lack of anything else moving today; I’ll be quite happy when the halcyon days of September arrive!

Raptors counted:

  • Mississippi Kite – 1 (juvenile)
  • White-tailed Hawk – 1 (subadult)
  • Broad-winged Hawk – 2 (juveniles)
  • Swainson’s Hawk – 1 (juvenile)
  • Total – 5

Blue-gray Gnatcatcher tally:  57

Today’s eBird checklist


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