Posted by: jkennedy366 | 1 September 2013

August 31, south winds and blue skies

And the hawks did not appear until after 10am and stayed out there. Late in the pm, a young cooper’s hawk did fly into the oak clump just north of the tower and made at least two sorties after something in the rattle box. After calling a little like a sapsucker it finally flew and perched by the pond and then in the open in a dead tree giving all a good view.

Bird banded at Dickinson Bay

Bird banded at Dickinson Bay

The bird is a chick of the same pair as YO that I found at the same spot a couple of weeks ago.

It was the best day of the season for dickcissel and yellow warblers. Both headed across the bay and most did not head out to Robbins Park as they often do. More like gnatcatchers today.

Driving down to the point, the only hawks seen were the red-tailed and swainson’s at their usual spots with no birds moving to come by the tower later. New for the phone wires were a total of 4 great horned owls. There are an astounding number of horned owls in the area and one spot I stop has at least 3 sets of birds calling at the same time. Did not hear the tower owls today.

I did get another GCBO bird with a banded American oystercatcher next to the boat ramp at Robbins Park; had not seen W3 before.

Groups would sometimes after reaching the edge of the water at the motte

Groups would sometimes after reaching the edge of the water at the motte

The hummingbirds have arrived in numbers and always gave somebody to watch.

Adult Male

Adult Male

Younger Male

Younger Male

The younger bird has more red than the usual small number of feathers.

Still flycatcher heaven with the sentinel olive-sided flycatchers, empidonax, and kingbirds. The young scissor-tails near the sewage ponds have started to grow their outer tail feathers. So fall must be coming.

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