Posted by: 3pomjaeger3 | 3 September 2013

A Smith Point landmark comes down


ImageThe Vietnamese store that was so much a part of town pre-Hurricane Ike has finally come down.  The first picture was taken shortly after 4 pm, the second shortly before 6 pm today.


  1. A momentous de-construction even. Was an important spot for a long time. All of GCBO’s early workshops had lunch there daily. Ike changed so much of our birding landscape.

  2. This was the Van Ta Un Grocery that Winnie was asking about Friday. We heard about if from John Fendley, a former neighbor and good friend at Smith Point, who will be there on a bus tour with his birding group from Waller on Sept. 20. We plan to be there to la ment the passing of the Van Ta Un with him. BTW: Van Ta Un is supposedly a corruption of the Vingt et Un name of the 21 islands that once stood off of Smith Point. Annette Whitehead has all the dtails either in Joe’s museum or Bernice Whitehead’s history of sp.

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