Posted by: 3pomjaeger3 | 6 September 2013

6 September: Called on account of T-storms

sunrise-smithpoint-9-06-13-tl-1-screen-lowresI know, I know, I’m a one-trick pony, putting up yet another sunrise pic.  But, the sunrises are so good here!  All photos copyright 6 September 2013 by Tony Leukering.  Click on image(s) to see larger version(s).

The morning started a bit slow, but Eastern Kingbirds and Baltimore Orioles put on a good show for Winnie Burkett, a few visitors, and me.  Winnie and I heard an Upland Sandpiper that sounded close and we found it, er… them.  Two of ’em, with a dowitcher hitch-hiker.  A couple of Anhinga flocks played hide-and-seek with us in the clouds, while a smattering of Mississippi Kites and Broad-winged Hawks trickled by.

eaki-juv-smithpoint-9-06-13-tl-1-cropscreen-lowresAt one point, I jumped up off my chair and started photographing a bird, at which point a visitor asked what was so interesting.  Well, it was this juvenile Eastern Kingbird flying by at close range!

Blue-gray Gnatcatcher tally:  33 (2634 for the season)

merl-smithpoint-9-06-13-tl-1-cropscreen-lowresWinnie gets today’s brownie points for finding this bird, the first Merlin of the season and The Bird of the Day!

Raptors counted:

  • Osprey – 1
  • Mississippi Kite – 6
  • Cooper’s Hawk – 1 (juvenile)
  • Broad-winged Hawk – 5 (juveniles)
  • Merlin – 1
  • Peregrine Falcon – 1 (juvenile)
  • Total – 15

Around 11 am, we realized that, unlike all of the previous T-storms this morning, the one off to our east was not going to slide by us to the south, but come right over.  At 11:15, I called a rain delay (the wind was gusting to 29 mph at that point) and sat around in my car waiting for it to pass.  It passed, but the radar just had more of ’em lined up heading for us.  Figuring that the day was already lost — all those thunderstorms were going to wreak havoc with my hawk flight, I called it a day at noon:15 and ran some much-needed errands in town.  I now have clean clothes to wear to the tower tomorrow!  Yippee.

Despite the half-day, I still managed nearly 60 species from the tower today, which you can peruse in

Today’s eBird checklist


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