Posted by: jkennedy366 | 8 September 2013

September 7, a few rain showers

The day started and ended in rain. On the way to the watch and going home, I managed to be under 7 storms. Left around noon when a loud and dark area headed toward the tower with more storms out over the bay and more on radar.

I arrived in the metropolitan area of smith point just at sunrise and after a shower I missed. There were a couple of northern waterthrushes out near the park along with 3 other non-yellow warbler species that stayed down in the cover. Lots of seaside sparrows are starting to feed in ripening grass heads.

Got to the tower around 8 and left a half hour later. That gave me a chance to check for birds in town. There was a fair list of typical birds there including rock pigeons, African and Eurasian collared doves, inca and white-winged doves, peahens and nanday parakeet. I had not seen the parakeet until it was routed by a cooper’s hawk that hunted through its oak tree.
When last seen, it was heading for the fire station.

Back at the tower, some hawks and storks started showing after 10am. Most were high already but there were some numbers for a change. And the numbers were increasing until the dark clouds moved in from the east with lightning and thunder.

There were good numbers of Baltimore orioles going by and a flock of 30 orioles, blue grosbeaks and indigo buntings was in the grass near the east motte. Both grosbeaks and buntings were still all blue. A bobwhite joined them but did not fly when they ducked for cover.

Swallow migration was way down at the tower but birds were moving out near the park early in the day with most being adult tree swallows. Most swallows in the area were feeding and not moving when I left.

I had no kites again but the Mississippi kites are going through somewhere as they are passing Veracruz in large numbers. And there was a nice northeast wind to bring birds until the showers turned it back from the southeast. But there were lots of hummingbirds to entertain with all ruby-throats except for one glimpsed bird back near the trees.


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