Posted by: 3pomjaeger3 | 11 September 2013

11 September: 7 species migrating!

rthu-smithpoint-9-11-13-tl-1-cropsmaller-lowresIt’s getting crazy!  This picture has 15 Ruby-throated Hummers, with reflections of two of them in the glass.  All photos copyright 11 September 2013 by Tony Leukering.  Click on image(s) to see larger version(s).

Today’s hawk flight actually resembled just that, a hawk flight.  There were early Mississippi Kites and Broad-winged Hawks close to the tower.  There were kettles (albeit, small ones) of Broad-winged Hawks.  There was a smattering of other species — in fact, five other species, for, perhaps, the most speciose raptor-migrant day of the season!  Landbirds, well, not so much was going on there.  White Ibis didn’t present a great flight either, though there was one mighty big flock that forced me to take a picture of it and count the individuals on my computer screen when I got home!  Finally, the string of days with a single flock of Mottled Ducks continues (no two flocks the same size, of course) and increases to four!

whib-ad-juv-238-smithpoint-9-11-13-tl-1-cropscreen-lowresThis flock of 238 White Ibis (27 juveniles) went by late in the day, soaring on a big thermal.  The turning and turning made it impossible to count the birds in situ, so I resorted to the photograph method!

The Bird of the Day was the adult White-tailed Hawk that… well, I’ll let the pictures tells the story.


This adult White-tailed Hawk started diving straight down.  Where was it going?


It was diving…


… and diving…

wtha-ad-smithpoint-9-11-13-tl-04-cropscreen-lowres… and diving at…

wtha-ad-subad-smithpoint-9-11-13-tl-01-cropscreen-lowres… another White-tailed Hawk!  This one is a subadult.

Raptors counted:

  • Osprey – 2
  • Mississippi Kite – 30
  • Sharp-shinned Hawk – 1
  • Cooper’s Hawk – 3 (2 juveniles, 1 adult)
  • White-tailed Hawk – 2
  • Broad-winged Hawk – 75 (juveniles, well, with three unknowns)
  • Swainson’s Hawk – 2 (juveniles)
  • Total – 115 (2nd-best day of the season, but it took the season’s total to 1019 — FINALLY cracked 1000!  Last year, I arrived on this date, a day that had nearly 1000 raptors all by itself!)

Blue-gray Gnatcatcher tally:  22

Today’s eBird checklist

Quizzes:  I notice that no one has taken a stab at the Blue Grosbeak quiz.  Don’t be afraid, it’s multiple choice!  I provide another below, this one with the title of, “So, you want to be a hawk-counter, eh?  I’m even providing four images of the same individual, which I took yesterday on the tower.  Of course, since I was not the counter yesterday, there is no eBird checklist for you to check to see what species were recorded; at least, not a day-long one.  Many ultra-valuable Brownie points will be awarded to the brave!

bwha-juv-smithpoint-9-10-13-tl-4-cropscreen-lowres quiz-smithpoint-9-10-13-tl-1-cropscreen-lowres quiz-smithpoint-9-10-13-tl-2-cropscreen-lowres quiz-smithpoint-9-10-13-tl-3-cropscreen-lowres



  1. Juv. Broad-winged hawk with an adult like tail.

  2. Juv Coopers hawk

  3. I agree with Carol – juv Cooper’s Hawk with a full crop.

  4. […] for the raptor quiz.  I presented this one with malice aforethought, knowing full well that it was exceedingly […]

  5. Sharp-shinned

  6. definitely a cooper’s hawk with those long toes, brown and black tail bands and the wings are not sharply pointed in that steep glide/stoop

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