Posted by: jkennedy366 | 12 October 2013

October 12, Rain and clouds and peregrines to make the day

We were able to take an hour rain break in the morning just when hawks should have lifted off with a hard shower for a bit. I drove around and watched the peacocks head for cover just before the red stuff on the radar arrived but the only other birds in town were scissor-tailed flycatchers.

As the rain was stopping, I had 2 of what would have been the birds of the day. Two power poles, one on Hawkins camp and one on Texaco Road had singing boat-tailed grackles for my first smith point records.

Normally, great-tails are the singing power pole grackles there. Both birds are probably wandering young of the year males as they did not quit know how to sing properly. They could do the wheeze-wheeze-wheeze part well but the introductory notes were off; both birds had the same off notes.

Only a few hawks for the day but Mississippi kite fans could watch 8 birds way out there go back and forth for a good while. Several broad-wings also went by way out there but the small number of the accipiters were the over tower birds until the end.

A couple of peregrines had gone west out near the end of Texaco Road when a bird came right by the tower and headed for Galveston. Just as it vanished, a second bird came by even closer and perched in the olive-sided flycatcher perch in the east motte where it stayed for a good while. I considered flushing the young of the year oystercatcher past its perch to watch the chase but thought better of it but a great look at a great bird.

The swallow stream was thin over the tower with rough-winged swallows the commonest. Just when the rain started lots of swallows had gathered and perched around the town sewage ponds. Again most were rough-wings with a few barn swallows a couple of trees.

Good day at the point and the car got washed well.


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