Posted by: jkennedy366 | 4 November 2013

November 1, Hawks, pelicans and turtles or also look down

Friday was a sort of slow day at the hawk watch especially after the wind switched to the south and picked up a lot. Most birds vanished even with playing musical chairs to be facing in the right direction but there was no right direction. An hour or so in the morning had numbers of birds including the dark broad-wings but the hawks stayed out in the distance. A box turtle meandered through the parking lot as I was leaving added some activity to the tower as the birds were not doing so.

Walking through the parking lot

Walking through the parking lot

This has been my best year for nelson’s sparrows in the marshes out near Robbins Park. Their favorite seeds are just ripening.

nelson's sparrows out near robbin's park

nelson’s sparrows out near robbin’s park

Franklin’s gulls go over the tower each year but apparently need a little west wind north of the area to have large numbers pass. There also has to be bad weather up north to get them moving

first good numbers of franklin's gulls

first good numbers of franklin’s gulls

It was a good day for Cooper’s hawks over the tower with both young birds

Young cooper's hawk

Young cooper’s hawk

And adults

adult cooper's hawk

adult cooper’s hawk

It is turkey vulture time at the tower with vultures often the commonest bird. The winds today kept them away but a flock passed and repassed and grew from a few birds to a respectable group. Youngsters are starting to get reddish heads but do not have any molted wing feathers that are found on the parents


And white pelicans continue to go by and over in large numbers

Right over the tower

Right over the tower

Birds will be going by with the proper winds until the count ends on the 15th so plan accordingly.


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