Posted by: jasonbojczyk | 5 August 2014

First White Ibis Push

Yesterday’s (8-4) Count: 25

White-tailed Kite-1

Broad-winged Hawk-16

Swainson’s Hawk-7

Red-tailed Hawk-1

Additional Raptors Seen:

Black Vulture-7

Turkey Vulture-7

Yesterday’s count began with this Black-bellied Whistling-Duck coming in off the bay.

Black-bellied Whistling-Duck

             Black-bellied Whistling-Duck

As you can see, it looks like there was some heavy fog to start off with but that wasn’t the case.  There was so much dew and other weather elements that it completely fogged up my camera for the next half hour both internally and externally.  After this the temperature quickly rose and the winds switched to the northeast for the next few hours, resulting in the best day of the season so far.  The first double digit Broad-winged kettle of the season occurred during this time along with a separate, small Swainson’s kettle which was enjoyable as well.  White Ibis started coming through around midday and a total of 690 were seen for the day.  The largest White Ibis group consisted of 124 birds but there was a nice push of 170 White Ibis in 3 groups before the front that came late in the count.  Today’s 83 White Ibis now puts the total number of White Ibis at over 1,000 birds in just 5 days.

This is just part of the flock of 124 White Ibis.  As with the raptors, once again most birds were high this day.

This is just part of the flock of 124 White Ibis. As with the raptors, once again most birds were high this day.

The first decent sized American White Pelican groups occurred as well with 97 birds for the day.  Otherwise it was much of the same with the addition of the first Ruby-throated Hummingbirds of the season.

American White Pelicans

              American White Pelicans


Today’s Count: 0

Additional Raptors Seen:

Black Vulture-2

Turkey Vulture-3

Red-shouldered Hawk-1

Swainson’s Hawk-1

Today’s east and southeast winds brought the lightest migration so far for all species.  Views of most of the raptors were brief although the Swainson’s hovering over some fields throughout the day was pretty neat.  The first two Bank Swallows of the season added to the other daily swallows, but swallows overall haven’t been as numerous since the first day.  The highlight of the count was looking to my left and seeing a Snowy Egret sweep up right by me and land on top of the tower.  Unfortunately, it is amazingly difficult to get a view of the top of the tower and I was unable to get a picture.  The tower gets a good number of herons and egrets flying over daily and a thought popped into my head.  I wonder how many herons/egrets would come on top of the tower if there was one of those kid’s small, circular pools at the top full of water and some fish.  Of course this was just some day-dreaming but it was fun to think about the variety of herons and egrets that would come in to land on top of the tower.  Speaking of diversity, 58 species yesterday and 52 today were seen from the tower.  Robbins Park and the pond in town continue to be fun to go through all the birds that are present in these locations.  Stilt Sandpiper, Ring-billed Gull and Common Tern were some new species for me this fall that I encountered today.  The daily Clapper Rail running across the road never gets old either. Tomorrow’s forecast doesn’t look too favorable for raptors but maybe we’ll get the season’s first Swallow-tailed Kite anyway.  

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