Posted by: jasonbojczyk | 19 August 2014

A Slight Pickup

Today’s Count: 0

Additional Raptors Seen:

Black Vulture-1

Turkey Vulture-7

Cooper’s Hawk-1

Crested Caracara-1

Today’s weather was indeed very similar to yesterday’s.  Though the raptors didn’t, a few other species picked up again.  At least 20 Frigatebirds were seen from the tower today, with an additional 34+ at Robbins Park.

Frame-filling Frigates are always a pleasure!

Frame-filling Frigates are always a pleasure!

Shorebirds were perhaps the tower’s highlights today.  American Avocets, which haven’t been seen at the point in over a week, came in their largest flock this fall, with 15 birds.  Some other shorebirds included Greater Yellowlegs, Lesser Yellowlegs, an Upland Sandpiper, a dozen peeps, and 16 Willet.

Some of today's Willets

Some of today’s Willet

Robbins Park had the usual many birds to go through, but it was even more enjoyable today, as most birds were on the road itself.  Just the usuals today, but 2 Black-bellied Plovers were nice.

In the non-avian department I’d been seeing a few probables around the tower these past few days but it was nice to finally get on this Queen at Robbins Park.





Tomorrow’s forecast is another one that doesn’t look too pretty, but there’s a 40-50% chance of thunderstorms.  Hopefully that’ll hit to break up this weather pattern, at least for a little bit!


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