Posted by: jasonbojczyk | 7 October 2014

More of the expected

10-1: 58 Raptors

10-2: 2 Raptors

10-3: 190 Raptors

10-4: 192 Raptors

10-5: 37 Raptors

10-6: 10 Raptors

Today’s Count (10-7) 101 Raptors




Mississippi Kite-4




Well, these numbers should do all the talking. Not even 600 raptors in the first week of October. There very likely won’t be a 1,000+ raptor day this month and probably even worse than that. Coming when there’s a cold front might still be the greatest possibility for ‘best days’ here but expect less than 250 raptors for the day. There were three great days for rarities this week but ‘all’ that turned up were 2 Boat-tailed Grackles yesterday. I’ll save October’s crazy stats for the end of the month as there surely will be more things to add in the very slow weeks ahead.



  1. Any ideas on the cause of the low numbers?

    • No, no idea. There isn’t any good theory/explanation as to why.

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