Posted by: jasonbojczyk | 18 October 2014


Today’s Count: 26,213 Raptors!!!

Black Vulture-11

Turkey Vulture-42


Bald Eagle-4

Northern Harrier-14

Sharp-shinned Hawk-12

Cooper’s Hawk-13

Red-shouldered Hawk-1

Broad-winged Hawk-26,093 (at least 19 dark morph)

Red-tailed Hawk-1

Swainson’s Hawk-12

American Kestrel-6

Mississippi Kite-1

Unknown Falcon-1

Unknown Raptor-1

Currently 4th best season, 3rd best Broad-winged/raptor day ever, tied for 2nd best Bald Eagle day ever. Amazing. More tomorrow.



  1. Jason, it was nice to meet you today at the Hawk Watch Tower. I wish I could have hung around longer, but the incredible numbers of raptors that I saw were fantastic!

    — Mira

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