Posted by: jasonbojczyk | 19 October 2014

5th and 2nd

Today’s Count: 24,123 Raptors!!!

Black Vulture-3

Turkey Vulture-91


Bald Eagle-3

Northern Harrier-17

Sharp-shinned Hawk-8

Cooper’s Hawk-13

Broad-winged Hawk-23,963 (at least 19 dark morph)

Red-tailed Hawk-1

Swainson’s Hawk-16

American Kestrel-6

Mississippi Kite-1

Well, the unbelievable stretch continues with today being the 5th 10,000+ and the 2nd 20,000+ raptor days in a row. Many people were treated to this excellent show, the best of which has been these past 2 days. Both days have started off with nice morning lift-offs of Broad-wingeds. Yesterday’s lift-off comprised of ~2,200 Broad-wingeds. Today was just a long, continuous lift-off that began with a few dozen birds and never really stopped building in numbers, as Broad-wingeds from the north started streaming in from that point on. At its peak today, there were more than 11,000 birds in the air at once, almost all of which were Broad-wingeds. Dark Broad-wingeds have put on an amazing show these past 2 days, with yesterday providing the best views, including one that was at most 300 feet above the tower. Improving upon statistics from a few days ago, raptors the past 5 days have averaged at 2,151 per hour!!! It continues to be impossible to fully describe just how amazing the turnaround has been this season. Just 5 days ago it was by far the worst season and now it is currently the 2nd best season, very quickly approaching the best season ever. Some additional species have picked up slightly while others have not. Most of the Kestrels and accipiters today were headed the wrong way and thus, not countable. The upcoming days and weeks through the end of the season will be very interesting to see what happens in this most unusual of seasons that will surely never happen again (certain aspects of it).

Some non-raptors the past 2 days have included: Greater White-fronted Goose-2, American White Pelican-over 1,500, Anhinga-over 170, White Ibis-nearly 2,500, Franklin’s Gull-40, Rough-winged Swallow-4,000+, Tree Swallow-550+, and Yellow-rumped Warbler-1.

Dark Broad-winged Hawk

Dark Broad-winged Hawk

Some of the 1,000+ American White Pelicans yesterday

Some of the 1,200 American White Pelicans yesterday

There has been 1 lone Wood Stork for a few days now. This one was in the area several weeks ago.

There has been 1 lone Wood Stork flying over the platform for a few days now. This one was in the area several weeks ago.





Dark Broad-winged Hawk

Dark Broad-winged Hawk


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