Posted by: jasonbojczyk | 19 November 2014

Final Numbers

11-13 Raptors: 17

Bald Eagle-2

Sharp-shinned Hawk-3

Cooper’s Hawk-2

Broad-winged Hawk-2

Red-tailed Hawk-6

Swainson’s Hawk-2

11-14 Raptors: 57

Turkey Vulture-48

Northern Harrier-4

Broad-winged Hawk-4

Unknown Accipiter-1

11-15 Raptors: 0

Season Total: 111,411 Raptors

Black Vulture-249

Turkey Vulture-2,184


Bald Eagle-19

Northern Harrier-145

Sharp-shinned Hawk-726

Cooper’s Hawk-390

Red-shouldered Hawk-7

Broad-winged Hawk-103,877

Red-tailed Hawk-33

Swainson’s Hawk-158

White-tailed Hawk-7

Zone-tailed Hawk-1

Golden Eagle-2

American Kestrel-190


Peregrine Falcon-35

Crested Caracara-2

Mississippi Kite-3,294

Swallow-tailed Kite-37

White-tailed Kite-7

Unknown Accipiter-6

Unknown Falcon-6

Unknown Raptor-3

Final Smith Point Numbers:

Species seen from tower this fall: 187

Species at Smith Point* this fall: 223 comprised of nearly 500,000 birds

*Defined as from Brandt/Nelson road south to shore, anywhere west of here, and offshore up to 3 miles


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