Posted by: bbharry72 | 9 October 2015

Smith Point Hawkwatch report for Oct 9

Smith Point Hawkwatch report for Oct 9. Thanks much to Winnie Burkett and Jana Whittle for keeping eyes to the sky on a busy day. Modest north winds shifted to south midday. Nice accipiter numbers. Highlight today was the numerous types of clouds at the same time, the sun dog and the gator in the pond. Bob
1 Northern Harrier
91 Sharp-shinned Hawk
39 Cooper’s Hawks
1625 Broad-winged Hawks
20 American Kestrels
1 Merlin
3 Peregrine
2015 Smith Point
Black Vulture 8
Turkey Vulture 55
Osprey 55
Bald Eagle 3
Northern Harrier 67
Sharp-shinned Hawk 1306
Cooper’s Hawk 819
Red-shouldered Hawk 32
Broad-winged Hawk 12606
Red-tailed Hawk 30
Swainson’s Hawk 99
Ferruginous Hawk 0
White-tailed Hawk 1
Harris’s Hawk 0
Zone-tailed Hawk 0
Golden Eagle 0
American Kestrel 270
Merlin 36
Peregrine Falcon 52
Prairie Falcon 0
Crested Caracara 0
Mississippi Kite 4890
Swallow-tailed Kite 99
White-tailed Kite 6
Hook-billed Kite 0
unidentified Accipiter 2
unidentified Buteo 4
unidentified falcon 0
unidentified eagle 0
unidentified raptor 0

Total 20440


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