Posted by: bbharry72 | 15 November 2015

Smith Point Hawkwatch report for Nov 15

Smith Point Hawkwatch report for Nov 15. Moderate northeast wind shifted to east midday. The last day, always a little sad but you know it is the right time to wrap it up. This is a wonderful site to hawkwatch and to enjoy the species richness of all the other flying creatures. Thanks to all who helped with the count, it was appreciated and needed. Thanks to all the guests for their enthusiasm and helping to make my days even more fun. Adios, Bob
5 Northern Harriers
2 Sharp-shinned Hawks
2 Cooper’s Hawks
4 Broad-winged Hawks
1 Red-tailed Hawks
3 Swainson’s Hawks

2015 Smith Point YTD
Black Vulture 117
Turkey Vulture 1114
Osprey 72
Bald Eagle 10
Northern Harrier 416
Sharp-shinned Hawk 1912
Cooper’s Hawk 1241
Red-shouldered Hawk 37
Broad-winged Hawk 19900
Red-tailed Hawk 116
Swainson’s Hawk 574
Ferruginous Hawk 0
White-tailed Hawk 4
Harris’s Hawk 0
Zone-tailed Hawk 0
Golden Eagle 1
American Kestrel 544
Merlin 62
Peregrine Falcon 79
Prairie Falcon 0
Crested Caracara 1
Mississippi Kite 4925
Swallow-tailed Kite 99
White-tailed Kite 14
Hook-billed Kite 0
unidentified Accipiter 8
unidentified Buteo 4
unidentified falcon 0
unidentified eagle 0
unidentified raptor 0
Total 31250



  1. Bob

    Enjoyed meeting you and watching the hawks. Hope we see you again. Gives me a thrill just to be down there, and your expertise and friendliness was great. You added greatly to our knowledge of these great birds.

    Bob Mitchum

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